What an artistic masterpiece, this film is as abstract as a Stanley Kubrick film!

funny review by in Amazon Instant Video, 2015-03-09

Funny product Cool Cat Saves the Kids Cool Cat Saves the Kids Clearly Cool Cat is meant to represent this generation of children, they're all in pacts and act how society wants them to act: exactly alike showing no difference in personality. I think the bully represents the one being who rebells against society, he's trying to tell Cool Cat "why? why do you act the same? Can't you see we're all falling for life's game?" him destroying the sandcastle is shattering Cool Cat's psyche, Cool Cat is now confused asking himself "was he right? Am I just another pawn?" Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada are most likely the antagonists of this film "people use to pick on me, and than I learned how to react" is the Vivica saying "you must eliminate all individual thought and mind from yourself, learn how to be the average child going through adolescence, just as I have!" the reason why the bully's accent is so hard to understand is because we're seeing the events through Cool Cat's eyes, because... more


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