Urine Luck!!!

funny review by in Pet Supplies, 2014-02-08

Funny product Urine Gone Urine Gone As my grandmother used to tell me, "Accidents Happen." Sometimes the accidents are in your pants. Luckily, this great product helps you stay "pee-pared" for those times when nature calls. Whether an accident happens at home, outdoors, in the passenger seat of your buddy Ed's Monte Carlo, or on a float at the Rotary Club's 4th of July parade, "Urine Gone" is there to address the mess!

I couldn't believe how fast this worked when I sprayed it on my jeans for the first time. Just like that, the familiar urine smell was GONE and nobody at Aunt Esther's funeral was the wiser. Since then, I carry it with me wherever I go, even on "hot dates" with women! (Ladies like a man who knows how to take care of business - and clean up afterwards!) You never know when you'll have to spray your day away. Especially...

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