Sayonara to Solitude

funny review by in Kindle Store, 2014-02-08

Funny product How to Get Gorgeous Pen Pals and the Woman of Your Dreams in Asia How to Get Gorgeous Pen Pals and the Woman of Your Dreams in Asia I ordered this book because I always had such a hard time meeting gorgeous pen pals and dream women from Asia. The book worked out great - in fact a little TOO great! Who knew that my Asian pen pal adventure would lead me from Topeka, Kansas to the hands of Japan's Yakuza crime syndicate and a long, difficult escape from Tokyo's underground human-slavery network!

This all started several years ago when a fellow cashier at the Dollar Tree caught my eye. She was an Asian named Gwen. From the way she swayed in her cashier's apron, the way she gently flicked her hair from her brow after a long shift, to the way she softly said "Thank You" in that exotic Oriental manner to customers - it all proved irresistible to me. Alas, my desire for Gwen would go unrequited. One shocking afternoon I professed to Gwen - in substantial detail - my burning desires and plans for the future with her. She rejected my advances and summoned Human Resources, leaving me jobless...

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