if you're not having sex with your chair you're missing out

funny review by in Everything Else, 2014-02-08

Funny product Original Hula Chair: As featured on the "Ellen" Show! Original Hula Chair: As featured on the "Ellen" Show! I really can't describe the feeling of intercourse with this chair. I mean I've had sex with other chairs and furniture before but not quite like this. I had an orgasm that lasted half an episode of "Cheers"! My sofa never did that before let alone a lawn chair. It felt like there were tiny Asian hands on my genitals. I came in my mind! And on the chair! Whoops :-) It has such a beautiful figure, I want to be dominated by her. I would do anything for this chair. I would kill for her. We must respect the chair, for it has imprisoned my mind. more

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