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funny review by in Home Improvement, 2014-02-08

Funny product Miller SS-36 "Sabre-six/hot-shot" 36in Stock Prod Miller SS-36 "Sabre-six/hot-shot" 36in Stock Prod Well me and the missus are into different things than most peeps. And this prod was just what the doctor ordered. Doctor Ruth that is. So there I am one night, lying on the bed with industrial grade nipple clamps hooked from me to a rigged car battery with the wife riding on top. So she's a-going at it when I jabbed her with the cattle prod. It set her off big time and in a fit of orgasmic fury, she pushed the rigged car battery lever to full power, which lit me up like a Vegas slot machine and made me pay out in silver dollars! We highly recommend this product! more

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