The Eyes Have It

funny review by in Clothing, 2014-02-08

Funny product Green Eyes Cat Face The Mountain Tee Shirt Adult Green Eyes Cat Face The Mountain Tee Shirt Adult When strolling the streets of LA or braving the subways of New York City, I'm often approached by fans. They are well-meaning and always polite, but unfortunately I'm often in a bit of a hurry and don't have the luxury to chat or pose for photos. For a time, I wore oversized sunglassses, but people often mistook me for Yoko Ono or more lately Psy, which only led to more awkward requests to cross my arms and pretend I was riding a pony.

So Brad ordered me the GREEN EYES CAT FACE by Mountain Tee and suggested I wear it whenever out in public.

It worked like a charm, at least for a time. People became so transfixed by the admittedly alarming cat print that they were often too embarrassed to make eye contact with the wearer, whom they could tell was, as expected, some septuagenerian Asian person.

My favorite response after a particularly long stare was to quip, "Hey. Buddy. EYES. UP. HERE." (It...

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