Ceasar Romero!!!

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Funny product Muscletech Mass Tech Powder - Strawberry Milkshake, 5-pound Muscletech Mass Tech Powder - Strawberry Milkshake, 5-pound Mannnn, I bought this because of the claims of getting a lot of calories and protein but lawd! I did not know the epic price my gut and bowels would have to pay when I took this stuff. I have since isolated this down to the products finicky nature with certain milk. Being that I'm not able to get regular milk I tried the local brand which as of now I am sure is from a goat or some type of lizard. I mixed a shake and washed it down with such said milk and almost immediately my stomach began spasms and boiling like a witch's cauldron. I prayed it would subside but nope! It increased like the almighty himself was meting out his own divine justice. As sweat beads popped upon my brow I frantically looked for the milk bottle to check the expiration. It was good but over the wave of nausea that wracked my innards I knew what was coming next. My bowels needed release and I needed it quick!... more

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