Feel like god cleaned your eyes with his own personal squeegie when you stopped at the traffic light

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Funny product Rohto Rohto Z! PRO Eye Drops 12ml Rohto Rohto Z! PRO Eye Drops 12ml Let's face it.. you've been driving all night on a road trip or been staring at porn on your computer all night and your eyes are starting to hurt. Sure you could reach for some Visine or Clear Eyes... but you'll be putting more drops in 15 minutes later, because they just don't get the job done. It's like using the windshield wipers on your dirty car... it's not as effective as the homeless guy who stands at the intersection in the bad part of town with his squeegie and spray bottle of Windex. He's gonna get your windows factory clean, and thats why you'll give him a few bucks.

Enter Rohto Z! Pro (formerly known as Rohto Zi Free) These are the strongest eye drops on the market. Their burning level is ranked at a 7... Santo Neo F/X drops are only a mere 5! These are the uncut heroin of eye drops... sure, they cost a little more, but your eyes will know where that extra money went. First your eyes burn like you poured gasoline in them... you'll think...

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