Saved my marriage!

funny review by in Everything Else, 2014-02-08

Funny product DVD Rewinder DVD Rewinder Times have been tough with the missus recently. We were always fighting about every little thing, who's turn it was to wash the dishes, who was going to mow the lawn, whether or not I was cheating on her with her sister (I was). And on the rare occasion we had the time to watch a movie together we would fight about who would rewind the DVD. My marriage was on the brink of collapse.

Enter "DVD Rewinder"! Rewinding our movies is no longer tedious, but an enjoyable experience to share with my wife. The amazing space age technology works like a charm and DVDs rewind in a matter of minutes, compared to the hours it used to take to manually spin the disc backwards thousands of times.

Sure, sometimes my wife still argues that it makes more sense for me to get a job than for her to get...

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