A Timely Meditation

funny review by in Books, 2014-02-08

Funny product Mr. Strong (Mr. Men and Little Miss) Mr. Strong (Mr. Men and Little Miss) What a triumph it is, this Nietzschean parable of the Superman. Mr Strong's very being brims with the Will To Power, for which his physical strength is not a delicate metaphor. He hammers a nail into walls with his finger, he ties a knot in an iron bar.

Furthermore, he manifests this sheer force and charisma often quite despite himself. He tears a door off its hinges totally by accident, and barely notices as a bus is written off in collision with him. The symbolism of both of these events is important. The incident with the door makes explicit that it is the world around Mr Strong that must change - not he - however violent this birth of the new. It is equally significant that Mr Strong's own inattentiveness to road safety causes the crash - he cannot help but exist above the social rules that govern the majority, beyond Good and Evil.

This is not to say that Mr Strong ever uses his innate...

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