Oh It Burns...

funny review by in Cell Phones & Accessories, 2014-02-08

Funny product Spraytect, iPhone 4/4s, All Carriers, Turquoise Spraytect, iPhone 4/4s, All Carriers, Turquoise Until recently I was dating a very beautiful woman, who wanted to carry pepper spray for her personal saftey.
As she carried her Iphone everwhere, this was simply the most logical choice.

The day It arrived at my apartment, will be a day I remember for the rest of my life.
After carefully fitting it, she began reading through the operating instructions.

Casually sipping her wine, she mentioned that she was curious how effective it was.
Giggling and laughing, she pointed it in my direction "pretending" to use it.
Realising how stupid this was, I made a grab to take it off her.

This obviously gave her a fright, and as I had had my finger over the nozzle the cover sent a stream of liquid into my face.

The feeling that followed, I can only describe as a combination of burning hot napalm, and the heat of a...

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