Chaos on I-95

funny review by in Automotive, 2014-02-08

Funny product Rightline Gear 100A20 Ace Car Top Carrier Rightline Gear 100A20 Ace Car Top Carrier "Nine. One. One. What is your emergency?"

This past summer I sent my kid to summer camp in North Carolina with his cousins. After a week, my husband, me, my daughter, and my niece visiting from Cancun went to my sister Ta-Ta's house in Richmond, Virginia to await the boys' return with my brother-in-law who had served as the camp nurse.

The next day, we set off for Pittsburgh from Richmond with six people in my six-passenger Mazda 5. Realizing we were going to need extra storage space for the overnight bags and for the boys' sleeping bags and suitcases, I purchased a soft-sided rooftop carrier from Amazon prior to heading for Virginia. It had four and half stars. It was one of those carriers you could use with or without a roof rack. They said.

Without a roof rack, you could run the straps inside your car doors and secure them safely inside the vehicle. They...

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