Terrifying and Absolutely Perfect

funny review by in Home & Kitchen, 2014-02-08

Funny product Flying Alarm Clock Flying Alarm Clock My boyfriend is a heavy sleeper. I'm sure he could sleep through a skeet shooting exhibition that was being held at the foot of his bed during a Category 5 hurricane that was shredding his house to bits while it was on fire.

This year for Christmas, I purchased him the Flying Alarm Clock and once he set his alarm, he has not been late since. The sound emitted from the speaker on the bottom side of the unit emits an incredibly loud siren once the alarm goes off...that's bad enough to wake the dead. On top of that, the sound of the spinning blade jolts him awake immediately in fear of his life ending. Even if the spinning wheel of hatred atop the unit does not wake him immediately, it plants itself behind his computer desk in his bedroom for impossible retrieval without extensive...

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