Pure, sweet cardamom

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Funny product Cardamom Whole / Black Cardamom Pods - 3.5oz Cardamom Whole / Black Cardamom Pods - 3.5oz Don't be alarmed, don't scroll away. What you're gazing upon is no heap of dead roaches, nor a pile of petrified rat filth. It's cardamom. Pure, sweet cardamom.

Cardamom. Ancient spice of the East. Cinnamon of royalty. The thinking man's nutmeg. What coriander wishes it was. The spice that kicked sand in cumin's face and left caraway single, broke and pregnant. Cardamom.

Can you smell it on the wind? The cardamom? This intoxicating scent of India, wafting through streets of Delhi, like a whisper from a forgotten world? No, not that, that's the cows...not the stench of crushing poverty...that's a dead guy--right under that, that kind of sweet smell? That's cardamom.

Sweet, intoxicating cardamom. Nectar of the gods, breath of the immortals.

With what did Cleopatra tempt Caesar? Cardamom.

What brought the smile to the...

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