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Funny product Fake Vomite, Puke, Barf Fake Vomite, Puke, Barf As any serious student of barf will tell you, it's been a dry decade. Since the frothy days of the late 70's, the puke movement has been, at best, stagnant. To be honest, I haven't seen anything that made me want to hurl in 15 years. Until now.

It may be too soon to call it a renaissance, but I believe we are witnessing the emergence of a major new talent in BWacky, and his cleverly titled "Fake Vomite, Puke, Barf" is the real thing (not the "real thing" mind you, but a brilliant facsimile) that left this critic heaving.

Coming out of seemingly nowhere, this Picasso of peristalsis puts it all on the floor. His Pollack-like pallet combines rich creams, jarring browns, and gut-churning greens. He's clearly experimenting with texture as well--swirling, chunky, oozy, hints of coagulation--it's all in there. Your eye is pulled in every direction. Like Dali, he uses juxtaposition to pose fundamental questions-- What did...

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