The perfection will make you weep

funny review by in Sports & Outdoors, 2014-02-08

Funny product Snow Peak Titanium Spork Snow Peak Titanium Spork I don't know why a titanium spork is such a fun thing to own. But it is. I got mine as a gift and I.. just.. like.. using it.

Maybe it's because what you have here is a final experience, the idealized form of a piece of technology. It's as tough as steel, it's light, it's utterly non-toxic, manages hot food without a problem, scoops up yogurt, soup and stew with aplomb, spears meat and vegys without trouble. It cleans up trivially. It will probably last about a billion years in typical use. It's got a simple, appealing shape. There's no way to improve on it. You look at it, and just know that in five hundred years, it will still be the utter epitome of utensilness.

Hold it in your hand, and you feel like mankind has achieved something, finally made something that's perfect, that just works without a glitch. That's not a feeling you get often. You...

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