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funny review by in Home Improvement, 2014-02-08

Funny product LDR 512 P3515 Bellows Type Cup Toilet Plunger LDR 512 P3515 Bellows Type Cup Toilet Plunger Let me preface this by saying there is probably something medically wrong with me. I take huge dumps. Abnormally large ones. Obviously this can be problematic, as some toilets just can't handle the kind of lumber that I'm laying down. I recently moved into a new apartment, and it is amazing. EXCEPT that the toilet is crappy, pun intended. This thing gets clogged pretty much every time I "lay some cable." I started off using one of those cheap ass old fashioned wood rod with a red suction cup plungers. It was a horrorshow. Poop water was splashing all over the damn place and ruining the bathmat, plus somehow the damn dog always managed to get some on him which he would then shake and spray all over the rest of the place. IT JUST WAS A BAD SITUATION. So I came on the ole amazon dot com to look at... more

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