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Funny product Banana Bunker (Color: Clear) Banana Bunker (Color: Clear) Seriously, me and my bros love to smash things and leave bruises. We blast bricks with our bare hands, drop kick pinatas, punish beer cans on our foreheads, and when we get lucky we smash some poon-tang in da club. Imagine a sexy wrecking ball dipped in Monster Energy drink and then lit on fire and hurled into outer space by the Greek God Zeus - well you guessed it, we're like that wrecking ball. But I think we've met our match with the Banana Bunker. Don't believe me? Ok, how could I make the following story up then?

So this dude in the park was eating a banana and making eye-contact with us! No, bro. So we walked over to him, flexed our pectorals and gave him a look, like we were gonna pound him down into little fruit cake delights. I told him, "not cool, bro, do that in private somewhere!" - so I grabbed his banana and SMASHED it! Turned that s*** into a puddle of bruised diarrhea. This fool just smiled and pointed to the other banana encased in...

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