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Funny product Fairly Odd Novelties Glass Skull Decanter, 125ml Fairly Odd Novelties Glass Skull Decanter, 125ml I really don't understand metrics, so this was a little smaller than I imagined it would be. I'd say that it'd hold maybe two glasses worth of wine. Or one really big one. I could've researched all of this myself before purchasing it, but I didn't. I was living on the edge. Winging it on a dream and a prayer. I was willing to just throw money at any old thing that caught my eye, b/c it was CHRISTMAS, and it WASN'T FOR ME, and RENEGADES DON'T CARE ABOUT METRICS.

I looks just like the picture. Do you like the picture? If you hate the picture, then you probably shouldn't buy it, unless it's a gift, then do what you want.

Included with your purchase is a FREE CORK. The cork fits in the hole at the top. I haven't yet filled one of these...

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