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Funny product Mayhew Select 41500 Tweaker Multi-Use Tool Mayhew Select 41500 Tweaker Multi-Use Tool I have a friend who lost his hand during a construction accident last summer. Well, he wasn't much of a friend...more of an aquaintence who would call you on the weekends and act like he knew you better than he did. Anyways, he lost his hand on my day off, so I only heard about the incident second-hand (no pun intended). Of course, it was weird for a couple weeks, but by the contractor's Christmas party that year, everyone thought it would be funny to buy him a gag gift, as is the tradition.

We decided to buy him the Mayhew 41500 TWEAKER, because it looks like a hand, and is also very handy (no pun intended.) Now, he actually uses it for a hand. He absolutely loves this unintended...

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