Frightened by this disc

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Funny product Aerobie Epic Golf Disc (Color May Vary) Aerobie Epic Golf Disc (Color May Vary) I never thought I'd be here quivering, burrowed in the blackest crevice of my dwelling, frazzling with fright and scribbling this review. "The Aerobie Epic is just a myth," I'd heard from various voices before. But according to believers' claims, this disc could soar through time and space with the ravishing finesse of a raving gypsy's hips. Cautious whispers on the course warned of saucers spewing forth dark magic vortexes within the violent whirlwinds of a vicious "thumber" drive. I scoffed at such fanciful tales of plastic acrobatics and occultist wind sails. Superstitions cannot persuade me; I am a man of science, you see! But the same unyielding curiosity that brought you to this page led me to purchase one and see, just in case.

Thirty-seven suns have since succumbed to the horizon. My perception of this universe, and all the laws that make it one, has transformed irreversibly, I fear to say. The only scientific explanation for the flight...

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