Enough to feed an Army!

funny review by in Home & Kitchen, 2014-04-13

Funny product Mott's Original Apple Sauce - Case Pack 90 SKU-PAS678805 Mott's Original Apple Sauce - Case Pack 90 SKU-PAS678805 Outside, there was chaos. Bombs. Mortars. The sporadic albeit frenzied rattle of automatic gunfire. It was April 14, 2019. The Chinese had invaded. They had established the front-lines. The threat of war was no longer. The war was here. The war was now.

I was assigned to 2nd Marine Division, 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, Alpha Company, 1st Platoon. We were stationed in Queens New York. We had been hit hard, forced to fight with no resupply. That day, my barrack was the basement of an old three-story tenement that smelled of guacamole and cat urine. My weapon was a Remington 870, previously used to target Northeastern Mallards while tucked away in the cozy duck-blinds outside my family's cabin near Sandwich, New Hampshire. But that was another day, another year, another lifetime.

We were warriors. Having spent the last three weeks successfully defending an armory in Flushing, our unit was all but spent. What we needed was...

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