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funny review by in Welcome, 2014-04-15

Funny product Beechfield Unisex Fedora Hat Beechfield Unisex Fedora Hat The classic fedora is the ultimate symbol of class. Too many people dismiss this piece of cranial craftsmanship as a mere 'hat', to be worn by whomever so chooses. I have studied the art of wearing a Fedora for nearly a decade now. There is a certain technique to properly wear it, as I have learned over years of trial and error. There are many elements that ordinary folk would not understand, neither begin to comprehend. The perfect inclination of the head while mounting the Fedora, the optimal angle to fasten the Fedora to ones head so that wind resistance is kept to a minimum. The right brush is also an important part of any self respecting Fedora owner's decision. A felt brush is best for getting rid of any unwanted fibers from the surface of the Fedora, while a firmer, more vigorous bristled brush is the wiser choice for loosing any dirt that perhaps collected while having an encounter with any undesirables.
Last night I had a rendezvous with some of these so...

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