Poor Judgment

funny review by in Books, 2014-12-04

Funny product My Parents Open Carry My Parents Open Carry There is a war raging in the United States. Those who are opposed argue that using it implies a lack of seriousness, a lack of education, and a flouting of social mores. Those who love it are more rabid about its appropriateness in all situations, wanting to show it off in restaurants, coffee shops, and even the library. Whether it's used at work to passive-aggressively tell a co-worker to stop eating your leftovers or it's used in the neighborhood to generate interest so the kids will come to a birthday party, those on the pro side completely ignore study after study that scientifically show that its use just isn't a good idea.

Am I talking about using a gun? No. I'm talking about using Comic Sans. This book is typeset in COMIC SANS....

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