Self-proclaimed genius gushes over his own magnum opus

funny review by in Books, 2014-02-08

Funny product Hgiyiyi (hgjhjh, hjhk) Hgiyiyi (hgjhjh, hjhk) Archetypal lipogram that takes us on an exploration of the double bind hypothesis. The title, Hgiyiyi (hgjhjh, hjhk), alludes to the parameterisation of jjjjj's groundbreaking tractable problem, leading to the 1987 work which is now regarded as sacrosanct. This book documents that period of jjjjj's work, accompanied by a healthy dose of his signature hyperbole and pomp.

Yes, it's all very clever, but how entertaining is it? To elucidate a little on this epic tome's structure, the self-aggrandising statements do let up occasionally, but only for unashamed vanity and sub-Naked Lunch surrealist filth. On the other hand, the equations are extremely accurate and the diagrams...

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