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funny review by in Books, 2015-07-21

Funny product Tic Tac Tome the Autonomous Tic-tac-toe-playing Book Tic Tac Tome the Autonomous Tic-tac-toe-playing Book Note: this review is from the republished version of the same name by Willy Yonkers, Quirkbooks, June 2010.

A book that can beat you at Tic-Tac-Toe? That’s what the author says anyway. If the book is really that good, I must be the best Tic-Tac-Toe player ever.

This is a massive book. About 3-4 inches thick (and only 4×4 in size) with like a thousand pages. What’s interesting is that this could be an app with maybe 40-50 kb worth of data. It’s big but really simple. You choose where you want to place your mark (O or X) and turn to the designated page. On that page you’ll see your mark and also the book’s next move. Repeat. Repeat. Cat’s game. Pretty much every time.

That’s the bummer thing about this book (and this...

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