Stop the presses! Your Duck Squisher Has Arrived!

funny review by in Kitchen & Dining, 2014-02-08

Funny product DUCK CARCASS PRESS Free Shipping* [Matfer Bourgeat] DUCK CARCASS PRESS Free Shipping* [Matfer Bourgeat] You know how it is. You have a fancy dinner party planned, guests are on the way, and here you are stuck with the same old boring wine selection. You need something that makes your party stand out from all the rest, something unique. That's where the Matfer Bourgeat Duck Carcass Press comes in. Your dinner guests will be raving about the warm cup of compressed duck carcass they enjoyed at your house for years to come. Nothing goes better with a cut of veal or Porterhouse steak than a tall glass of pulverized duck guts. You will be the talk of the town! People will say things like "You know who really squishes a mean duck? That Lenny guy over on 4th!" and "I hereby declare this to be the best compressed duck carcass ever!" Sure, you could just stick a duck in a Ziploc bag and run it over a few times with your car, but the Matfer Bourgeat method is much more civilized.

The secret is in the patented filtration system. The first filter removes the bigger...

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