Another misread title

funny review by in Books, 2014-02-08

Funny product Images You Should Not Masturbate To Images You Should Not Masturbate To I found a copy of this book at a yard sale. Unknown to me at the time someone had spilled either whiteout or white paint on the cover obscuring the word "Not". After hiding the book inside the dust jacket of Gay Teen Ideas (another misleading book, also available through Amazon) and purchasing it. I was able to haggle the price from fifty cents down to 25 cents, which also appealed to me. After taking it home and enjoying several of the pages, some more than once. And buy the time I 'read' 3/4's of the book I had an unfortunate aiming problem and was forced to purchase another copy. I entered the ISBN on this website, and that is when I discovered my mistake in reading the book title. Since... more

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