Medium pimpin'

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Funny product Pimp Kid's Costume Pimp Kid's Costume Teaching your children the value of money and business sense is never easy. However, with the introduction of the smaller size pimp suit they can learn how to start their own business without even leaving their own neighbourhood. The people management skills this encourages are a vital start in any young man's life.
My son was really set on going as a rapist this last halloween, but we waited too long to get to the costume store and so we were stuck with this or Darth Vader. Once I explained what a pimp does, he chose this one and we couldn't be happier. He wears it around the house all the time! Only downside was that we had to explain to him he couldn't wear blackface that came with the costume because that would be offensive. You would think the company would know not to include that makeup in 2008...

This costume has caused our family all sorts of confusion. We dressed up our son in this pimp...

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