Works, Practical, Menacing, However; You Can Sprain Your Wrist From Use

funny review by in Everything Else, 2014-02-08

Funny product Blast Knuckles, "Shock Therapy". Stun Gun, a Hit Amongst Joggers Blast Knuckles, "Shock Therapy". Stun Gun, a Hit Amongst Joggers I am writing a review on the effectiveness of the product, so whatever the case, do not judge me for the action that i used this in, remember i am writing about the PRODUCT.
The Knuckle Tasers do work, I used it in a fight and have used it on myself and friends multiple times while we were drunk and doing stupid guy stuff and not gonna lie, it will drop someone instantly if they are hit in the neck or stomach while the taser is activated. However; I do recommend that you do not activate the taser for long periods of time because over time the battery will lose some juice and the taser may lose a few volts from wear, but it will still work and still will drop anyone you use it on. In that regard I advise you to change the battery every month or two if you are someone who will end up messing around with the taser every time you have friends around because they WILL want to test it out and it WILL be passed around from person to person and have juice spent. so a word of...

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