The power of the pink zebra

funny review by in Automotive, 2014-02-08

Funny product Universal-fit Animal Print Bench Seat Cover - Zebra Pink Universal-fit Animal Print Bench Seat Cover - Zebra Pink This is a status symbol! It tells the world "Hey look at me! I have the animal spirit of the ferocious pink zebra!"

Being in my early forties I needed something that announced my presence with authority. Tight polyester pants, knee high moccasins, and Members Only jacket (no shirt), could not do it alone. With these seat covers I have entered the world of "Bad Boy". Chicks dig the bad boy.
You should have seen the respect I earned walking into the county jail. (I was framed by the way). They could not see the seat covers but they felt the spirit of the ferocious pink zebra. RESPECT!
My 82' camaro has never run better. My fuzzy dice needed this. It doubled my powers. The camaro was like a sailboat on land. The pink zebra seat covers were the water it craved. I am now complete.
Since adding these to the camaro I have noticed the "ladies of the night" have been charging me less. Yes, it is that intimidating....

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