Weaponized Caffeine: a warning

funny review by in Toys & Games, 2014-02-08

Funny product Mana Energy Potion (50mL) Mana Energy Potion (50mL) I bought this as a joke, and because I knew I was going to need some caffeine in my system over the weekend. I've downed Bawls of every flavor without issue, and generally don't really get buzzed by caffeine.

But this stuff... this stuff is unique. First of all, while the bottle is pretty, it is the nastiest, most disgusting taste I have ever had the misfortune to let near my mouth. I instantly regretted the cough syrup like drink. Thick, dank, and putrid it slid down my throat and settled in my stomach like a stone lump.

And there it sat, oozing and slithering, until it finally hit my system.

I felt like I had gone from zero to sixty in less than a second. No, there was no gradual build up of energy, there was nothing, and then there was everything! I was twitching, insane almost, desperate to do anything and everything at once. Raid MC, knit a pair of socks, learn three foreign...

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