The Greatest Toy In The World

funny review by in Toys & Games, 2014-02-08

Funny product Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure I bought this toy for my kid in the hopes of sending a better message than all of those superhero action figures and he just loves it! This day and age, kids are programmed by our government to think that everyone is out to destroy us and that they need heroes to come and save us all. They forget that there are everyday people out there who need a little compassion and understandng.

I make my kids sit down every day for at least an hour and play with the Cat Lady. We talk about what has made her the way she is and we discuss different options of things we might do to help her. We get into conversations about what rle society plays in the creating of these people who seriously have issues and then we practice empathy role play by having our social services action figures come to her aid and get her the help she needs. It has...

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