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Funny product VOGUE PRO DENTAL DRILL WITH FOOT PEDAL VOGUE PRO DENTAL DRILL WITH FOOT PEDAL The economy is really taking a toll on my household and finding ways to cut costs has become a daily chore. Hand-me-downs, drastically lowering the thermostat, candles for lighting, burning cardboard boxes in an old 55 gallon drum outside to cook, and turning the car off when traveling downhill have become common practices in the house. The rising costs of medical and dental care have really put a dent in the budget. Premiums and co-pays have risen too high but oral health is very important to me and my family. When it seemed impossible to afford dental work, I saved up and bought the Vogue Pro Dental Drill with Foot Pedal. I could not believe this fine instrument was 50% off retail and STILL included the foot pedal.

After a few weeks of studying at the local library and stocking up on Old Gran-Dad and some ethyl ether, I was elbow deep into my family's mouths drilling away at those persistent cavities. No more deferred dental treatment in my...

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