A Royal Flush!

funny review by in Health & Personal Care, 2014-02-08

Funny product Colon Flush Internal Cleanse Formula, 60 caps (2 BOTTLES) Colon Flush Internal Cleanse Formula, 60 caps (2 BOTTLES) I found Colon Flush to be a fast, safe, and effective product. But I would caution Colon Flush users to be careful about when and where they take it. You see, I never thought I would need an accelerated laxative like this, since I eat a macrobiotic diet with plenty of kale, legumes, and Arabian tortoise extract.

However, due to recent stressful events, I found my regularity thrown off-kilter. It all started when that Japanese earthquake led to the leak of radioactive materials into the Pacific Ocean. As a naturalist specializing in advocacy for the endangered Okinawan spotted jellyfish, I was deeply troubled by these events.

I felt compelled to act and, instead of observing my standard diet and meditative practices, I spent hours alerting the public to the plight of the Okinawan spotted jellyfish. I did this using mainstream media outlets, such as the comment sections of Yahoo articles and YouTube clips. However, my...

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