May the Paws Be With You!

funny review by in Clothing, 2014-02-08

Funny product Princess Leia Dog - Small Princess Leia Dog - Small I take my dog Tootsie to the dog park a lot, and wanted something to help her "stand out" in the crowd. That's when I came across this amazing Princess Leia outfit for dogs. I couldn't believe I found something so realistic. Now, I've been a HUGE Star Wars fan ever since I saw Attack of the Clones a few years ago. I remember thinking even back then, I wish I could have my dog look like one of those cool Star Wars characters! Even though I didn't have a dog yet, the idea just came to me.

Now the dream has come true! I wish they had a costume of Yoda Wong-Kenobee, or better yet Jar-Jar Bings, but this one does the trick. You wouldn't believe how many people at the dog park wanted to talk to me when I brought Tootsie in with her "Princess Leia" outfit and pretended to fight her with a light saber (it was really a garden hose). One of them, who I will call "Darth Vader", threatened to call animal control when our "Star Wars" battle was at its peak! Some...

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