better than my homemade condoms

funny review by in Health & Personal Care, 2014-02-08

Funny product 60 Durex Condoms Variety Pack! 60 Durex Condoms Variety Pack! I've been making condoms in my grandma's bathtub for years. Recently it's gotten harder, getting a hold of polytherine. Apparently it's dangerous? Terrorists use it as a lubricant. I've been having sex with people that probably have aids for years. And I'm fit as a fiddle ;-). Grandma too! One time I made a condom the size of the bathtub. My whole family got inside it. We even took a picture. And then we exited said condom pretending we were sperm. So it's hard making the switch to durex condoms after my whole family had came inside mine. xoxo more

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