Verdict: Guilty of Being a Great Book!

funny review by in Books, 2014-02-08

Funny product The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Criminal Justice System The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Criminal Justice System I bought this book a while back when I was in a bit of a pickle. Turns out a man can't have fun on his own property with some friends anymore, and I had a case against me for all sorts of permit violations. I turned to this book for advice, since I couldn't afford a lawyer to handle these trumped-up charges. I just needed to learn a few things, such as:

- What kind of liquor permit is needed to keep over 35 kegs on the premises?
- Is intoxication a valid defense to charges of arson?
- Is it a violation of code to keep livestock on hand for racing purposes only? (No breeding.)
- Do I have a right to sue the police officer that drew his weapon and ordered me to get out of my vintage 1972 military tank?
- Can a property owner be held liable for damages to a Tanzanian wildebeest, when the darn thing started the whole mess in the first place?
- Do midgets need to be above a certain...

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